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Becomes Best Selling Electric Two Wheeler OEM: The demand for electric two wheelers in the country has registered a huge boom in the recent past. Actually, amidst rising petrol prices, people’s tendency for electric vehicles has increased rapidly. In such a situation, if you are thinking of buying an electric bike or scooter this month, then this news of ours is just for you. Actually, there is often a question in the minds of many people that which company’s electric vehicle would be the best to buy. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about all the electric two-wheeler companies. We will tell you how many electric two-wheelers these companies have sold in the Indian market last month. After this you will be able to decide for yourself which two-wheeler electric company can prove to be better for you. So let’s have a look…

rank Electric two wheeler companies how many people bought in february
1 Hero Electric 7357 units
2 Okinawa Autotech 5923 units
3 Ampere Vehicles 4304 units
4 Ola Electric 3905 units
5 Ather Energy 2230 units
6 PUR Energy 1427 units
7 TVS Motor 1480 units
8 Being India Energy 1149 units
9 Bajaj Auto 1314 units
10 Revolt Intellicorp 1128 units
11 Jitendra New EV-Tech 562 units

The company that sells the most electric two-wheelers in the Indian market is Hero Electric. Hero Electric sold 7,357 electric two-wheelers last month and was number 1 in terms of sales. At the same time, 5923 electric two-wheeler stood at number two with sales. In terms of sales of the highest electric two-wheeler, last month it was at number four and number five. During this it is worth noting that electric two-wheeler companies like TVS Motor, Bajaj Auto and Revolt could not make their place in the top-5.

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