safety features: whatsapp is making every effort to make its platform secure. Now WhatsApp has introduced two new safety features in India – Message Level Reporting and Flash Call. WhatsApp says that both these features have been introduced to keep the user’s experience secure.

In addition to end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp already comes with a number of security features, including blocking contacts, controlling who shares what, disappearing messages, and locking apps with Touch ID or Face ID. is included. Let’s talk about how and what the new features will work…

This is how the new message level reporting fee will work

For message level reporting, WhatsApp users can now report a WhatsApp account by marking a specific message. This can be done by simply long-pressing on a specific message to report or block a user. In its new transparency report, WhatsApp says it has banned more than 2.2 million accounts in the month of September alone. Whereas most of the accounts got banned because WhatsApp kept automated tools to detect phish accounts.

This is how the new flash call fee will work

The instant messaging app has rolled out flash call and message level reporting features as part of its efforts to make the platform more secure. The new Flash Call feature gives users the option to verify their phone number through an automated call. It will work as an alternative to SMS messages when setting up WhatsApp on a new phone or reinstalling it on a handset. This feature is currently available only for Android users. This feature allows WhatsApp to make calls on the phone and verify it automatically, thereby eliminating the need for SMS verification. WhatsApp claims that it is a more secure option as it is all done from within the app.

These safety features are already present on the app

Other safety features offered by WhatsApp include the ability to control who can see a user’s profile picture, last seen, about and status. It also enables users to block the account as and when required. WhatsApp also provides users with two-step verification to add an extra layer of security

For group chats, WhatsApp has group privacy settings that let users control who can add them. The company has also recently introduced Vanishing Messages and View Ones. The latter enables the user to send a photo or video which will disappear on WhatsApp once the recipient has opened it.

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