Google has banned seven apps from the Play Store after they were found to contain malware. If you also download any app without thinking or click on any link, then you may also be on the radar of hackers. However, some users are still using them bidas. If you are also using any of these apps, it is recommended to remove them immediately. Check out the list of these 7 suspicious apps below…

Many people are still using this app

Indeed, the Joker malware was uncovered by Tatyana Shishkova of Kaspersky, a malware analyst at the firm. Tatyana found that these seven apps were affected by malware such as ‘Trojan’ Joker. Recently, many Squid game users were faced with similar attacks with malware by cybercriminals. Google, which owns the Play Store, has already removed those apps after the matter came to light. The worrying thing is that millions of people have already downloaded these apps and are currently using them too.

It is recommended to check your smartphone and see if one or more of these seven apps are present. If you are using any of these apps, remove them immediately and protect your data and privacy

These 7 Android Apps Have

  • 1. now qrcode scan (more than 10,000 insta
  • 2. emojione keyboard (over 50,000 installs)
  • 3. battery charging animations battery wallpaper (Over 1,000 Installs)
  • 4. Dazzling Keyboard (More than 10 Installs)
  • 5. volume booster louder sound equalizer (over 100 installs)
  • 6. super hero-effect (over 5,000 installs)
  • 7. classic emoji keyboard (over 5,000 installs)

The most common of these malware attacks target making illicit money through fake subscriptions and in-app purchases. Users need to be more cautious and should not fall prey to any links or inappropriate purchases that seem suspicious. Cyber ​​attack cases have increased in recent times as more and more people are shifting online. Gaming is yet another area that invites cyberattacks.

why is clown malway dangerous

This is not the first time we have heard about malicious Android apps affecting our smartphones. Malware like Joker is available with the potential to affect smartphones and steal personal data. Furthermore, the malware is capable of stealing your financial details, such as debit and credit card details. Joker is one of the most persistent malware that constantly targets Android devices. It was first detected in the year 2017. According to researchers at Quick Heal, the Joker virus steals users’ data through these apps. Earlier this year, cyber security researchers discovered a total of 11 Android apps on the Play Store embedded with Joker malware were committing financial fraud. Some of these apps include Translate Free, PDF Converter Scanner, Free Effluent Messages, Deluxe Keyboard, among others.

Keep this thing in mind while using or downloading any app

  • – Be careful while granting permissions to the app
  • – Collect information about the background of the app
  • – Keep your software up to date
  • – Always use a password manager for all your accounts
  • – Before downloading the app, check the developer name in the About section
  • – Check user reviews and ratings
  • – Download Security Tool Kit that quickly scans and removes unwanted malware from the device
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