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solvency of debentures

what is solvency of debentures

solvency of debentures: Meaning of Redemption of Debentures Redemption of Debentures refers to the payment of debentures or to return the amount of debentures. When the redeemable debentures will be rectified, it is decided at the time of issue of...

What do you understand by debenture?

debenture: Meaning and Definition of Debentures Debenture When a company needs long-term debt capital, it issues debenture. Debentures are certificates for the approval of the loan taken by the company. Debenture is a type of agreement between the company and...
preference shares

Methods of redemption of preference shares

Methods of Redemption of Preference Shares The refinement of preference shares can be done as follows- (1) Redemption of profits - In this method, the preference shares are redeemed from the benefits available to the dividend. Profit available for dividend refers...
preference shares

What is meant by redemption of preference shares?

Redemption of Preference Shares Redemption of preference shares means the payment by a company limited by shares to the preference shareholders of the amount appropriated by them in the shares on a predetermined date. In the absence of a fixed...
forfeiture of shares

What is meant by forfeiture of shares?

Meaning of Forfeiture of Shares When the amount of shares issued by the company is received in installments, then some shareholders are unable to pay the amount of allotment and calls on their shares, then in such a situation a...
requested capitals

what is the requested capital

requested capitals: Subscribed Capital The requested or subscribed capital is that part of the issued capital of the company for which the public sends their applications to the company and is accepted by the company. In other words, the part...

what is the minimum subscription

Minimum Subscription Any public company which invites the public (from the prospectus) to subscribe to its securities, that company can allot those securities only after that company has subscribed to the minimum amount mentioned in the prospectus. Minimum subscription is...

What is fraction? How many types are these?

fraction: Meaning and Definition of Shares The literal meaning of 'Part' is 'Portion' and in the case of a company limited by shares, 'Part' means a part of the company's share capital which has a fixed value. In other words,...