UPI users: We keep hearing day by day that cyber frauds have also increased due to increase in online transactions. Be it the grocery store of the locality, the vegetable cart or the big shopping mall, nowadays online payment facility is present everywhere. Just scan the code and pay instantly, but if you are using any digital payment app (be it Google Pay or PhonePe or Paytm), it is important for you to keep a few things in mind. Otherwise, this digital payment will not delay you in pauperising.

Online or digital payments have increased manifold in the last few years around the world. In today’s time every other human being is using digital payment. There is hardly any person who has not made digital payment through smartphone. But as easy as it is to see and use, sometimes it proves to be dangerous. There are many advantages of UPI payment, but it also has its disadvantages. But you need to be alert, not afraid, because the matter is related to your deposit.

Never share your upi address with anyone

Many people make this mistake and later regret it. Please don’t make this mistake. Because it is most important to keep your upi account/address safe. You should never share your UPI ID/Address with anyone. Your UPI address can be anything between your phone number, QR code or Virtual Payment Address (VPA). You must not allow anyone to access your UPI account through any payment or bank application.

set a strong screen lock

Another mistake that people often make is setting a very simple screen lock or password/PIN. Do not make such mistake and set strong password. You have to set a strong screen lock for all payment or financial transaction apps. If you use google pay, phonepe, paytm, or any other platform, it is important to set a strong pin, which should not be your date or year of birth, mobile number digits or any other. You should not share your PIN with anyone and if you suspect that your PIN has been exposed, change it immediately

Do not click on unverified links or even attend fake calls

The third mistake is to click on any unknown link without thinking. Don’t do that at all. UPI scams are a common technique used by hackers to trap users. It should be noted that hackers usually share links or make calls and ask users to download a third-party app for verification. You should never click on such links or share the PIN or any other information with anyone. Banks never ask for PIN, OTP or any other personal details, therefore, anyone seeking such information over a message or call wants to steal your details and money. You should be cautious in such cases.

Avoid using more than one app

The fourth mistake is to have too many payment apps in your phone. Do not do this and use only a trusted app. It is advised not to use more than one upi or online payment app. There are many digital payment apps that allow UPI transactions, therefore, you have to see which one offers better benefits like cashback and rewards, and make your choice accordingly.


update upi app regularly

The fifth mistake that people often make is that they do not keep the app they use updated. You are advised to keep updating whatever app you use. Every app including upi payment app should be upgraded to the latest version as new updates bring better UI and new features and benefits. Updates often bring bug fixes as well. Upgrading apps to the latest version also keeps your account safe and reduces the chances of security breaches.

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